Holmboe Concertos

Erik Heide, violin
Lars Anders Tomter, viola
Nörrkoping Symphony Orchestra
Dima Slobodeniuok

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This recording features a new Holmboe world premiere with another first-class Scandinavian orchestra and two first class Nordic string soloists: Lars Anders Tomter and Swedish Erik Heide.

Vagn Holmboe’s solo concertos for violin and viola are works that combine the composer’s own purist Nordic style with a huge declaration of love for the wild, dancing eastern European folk music that captivated him throughout his life. This recording also offers Holmboe’s youth work Concerto for Orchestra from 1929, which has never even been performed before.

Track list

1.Concerto for Viola, Op. 189: I Allegro moderato, ma con forza7:21
2.Concerto for Viola, Op. 189: II. Allegro - Andante - Vivace13:58
3.Concerto for Orchestra: Allegretto molto pesante13:11
4.Concerto for Violin No. 2, Op. 139: I. Allegro - Poco meno mosso - Tempo I 11:46
5.Concerto for Violin No. 2, Op. 139: II. Adagio affettuoso - Allegro molto12:58

Album info

Original Release Date: April 30, 2013
Discs: 1
Label: Dacapo